The people-focused, knowledge-based platform from which all Bayleys’ business is conducted positions us to add value to the communities where we live and work.
Schools are such an important part of our community fabric. At Bayleys’, we see an investment of our time, energy, enthusiasm, experience and resources into our local schools– many of which our own children have and still do attend – as a great way of contributing back. 
We understand that funding is an on-going challenge. Coming up with new ways to fundraise and engage the wider community is equally a challenge. 
Through Bayleys in Schools, I can offer a bolster to fundraising initiatives for Hibiscus Coast Kindergarten and Orewa Primary School. 

I pledge to donate $500 from each successful sale and purchase transaction referred to me via the kindergarten or school’s parent, neighbours’ and supporters’ network.
In assisting with fundraising efforts, I believe we pass onto children the message that their education is really worth investing in.